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Medical Assessment

If you have indicated a specific medical condition, ensuring your safety and well-being while participating in waterski racing is our utmost priority. Therefore, we kindly request you to complete a medical assessment.

This assessment is essential for us to gain aN understanding of your current health status and identify any potential risks associated with your participation in waterski racing. By conducting this assessment, will allow you to enjoy the sport in a safe and responsible manner.

To assist you with this process, we have partnered with recommended providers who offer affordable medical assessments. You can access the assessment through the following link:




As a valued member of our community, we are pleased to offer you a discount for the medical assessment. Simply click HERE

After completing this, please sent a copy of your assessment certificate to for approval. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter and look forward to welcoming you on the water.

**Please note that while we recommend specific providers for medical assessments, their acceptance of your specific medical condition is not guaranteed. Additionally, possessing a medical certificate does not automatically guarantee your participation in waterski racing events.

We reserve the right to revoke participation privileges at any time, and further investigation may be required to ensure the safety and well-being of all participants.

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