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Joining the ranks of UK Waterski Racing is an open invitation to all enthusiasts. We take pride in our all-inclusive approach, providing entry-level categories that welcome anyone with social skiing skills to join the excitement. Whether you prefer a pair or mono ski, everyone is invited to be part of the action! The skier's mission is simple: get up on their ski and stay on it until the end, navigating the unpredictable challenges of the waves.

Here are two fantastic options for you:

  1. First Timers: Perfect for those new to ski racing, this category allows you to enter a 10-minute race, experiencing the thrill for the first time.

  2. Social Class: For those who've gained confidence with a few races under their belt, the Social Class provides another 10-minute opportunity to showcase your skills.

In both categories, only social skis (not race skis) are allowed. Equip yourself with a wetsuit and impact jacket, and worry not about assembling a team in advance. In UK Waterski Racing, everyone is encouraged to pull social and first-time skiers. They'll also provide essential gear such as a ski line, helmet, and optional goggles. Your journey to becoming a skier with the UK Waterski Racing Team begins here!



Being a driver in waterski racing extends far beyond steering the boat; it's a dynamic role that demands constant vigilance to gain or maintain a competitive edge while prioritizing the safety of our racers. The driver must be attuned to the observer's guidance, ensuring the boat's speed aligns seamlessly with the skier's capabilities, preventing undue risks. Strategically, keeping the skier on the ski is paramount to avoid time-consuming interruptions.

At UK Waterski Racing, safety is our top priority. We have implemented a comprehensive safety process designed to ensure the well-being of our racers on the water. This commitment is reinforced through a rigorous training program, encompassing both on and off-water elements. Our dedication to safety is unwavering, and we are currently in the process of updating our safety plans to stay at the forefront of best practices.

If you are passionate about waterski racing and safety and are interested in contributing to our mission, we welcome you to reach out. Contact us for more details on how you can be a part of our safety-focused team and help shape the future of waterski racing. Your dedication to safety is key to the success of our racers, and together, we can create a secure and exhilarating environment on the water.



The observer, a pivotal figure in waterski racing, goes beyond mere communication; they are the linchpin that binds the team together. Positioned backward in the boat, their primary responsibility is to ensure the skier's comfort and satisfaction with their performance. Beyond that, the observer plays a significant role in shaping the race's strategy, meticulously timing maneuvers, and providing unwavering support to the skier, fostering encouragement and motivation throughout the race.

The observer's unique vantage point allows them to intricately contribute to the skier's experience, maintaining a delicate balance between strategic considerations and fostering a positive and uplifting atmosphere. In essence, they are the silent force behind the team's cohesion, ensuring that every aspect of the race is seamlessly orchestrated for success. Join us in celebrating the unsung heroes of waterski racing—the dedicated observers who play a vital role in steering our teams towards triumph on the water.

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