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Embark on the exhilarating journey of UK Waterski Racing—a sport that is not only all-inclusive but also invites the entire family to partake in the excitement.

A fusion of motorsport and athletic prowess, UK Waterski Racing forms a dynamic team of three: a skilled boat driver, a communicator facilitating seamless coordination, and the adrenaline-fueled skier.


Each team member plays a crucial role, competing against others to complete as many laps as possible within the allotted race time. Even at the novice level, the drive to outperform your opponents kicks in as you plunge into the water to commence your race. In the novice and social categories, skiers use specially designed social waterskis, ensuring controlled speeds and making it an ideal starting point. Equip yourself with a slalom ski handle, helmet, wetsuit, and impact jacket for a 10-minute run, accessible to anyone who has tried skiing before.

No need to fret about lacking a boat or crew—our UK Waterski Racing Team eagerly participates in social and novice classes, even assisting with safety gear. For seasoned skiers, the main race (30 minutes) and support race (25 minutes) provide opportunities to showcase skills alongside some of the UK's best. In the UK Waterski Racing Team, we encourage teams to pull as many skiers as possible at each venue, accumulating points for the coveted 'Best Team' trophy at the end of the year.

Adorned in custom skis, special wetsuits, helmets, and goggles, skiers from all levels compete against each other for overall championship points. Secure a podium place, and you might just take home a gleaming trophy.

What are you waiting for? Dive into the action, experience the rush, and become part of the UK Waterski Racing Team!

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